Real Estate Agents Have Become Professional Liars: Find The Details Of Their Lies Here!!!

Honesty is a great pillar in practically every vocation, but it’s more vital in a vibrant sector such as real estate or construction time lapse video. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you can ever or will ever make in your life. It involves a lot of money that you’ve probably toiled hard to accumulate over a long period of time. Realty agents who play a big role in linking buyers to homes have sadly become professional liars, likewise in the construction industry, time lapse cameras are used to check progress of the build.

Getting a real estate license isn’t hard in most states, with educational requirements and professional standards being so low. This has led to an increase in dishonest agents carrying out shady scams within the realty market, taking advantage of unsuspecting clients leaving them crying foul later on.

The integrity of realty agents is always on trial. Home sellers and buyers have a high expectation of real estate agents to be ethical, well experienced, professional, and most importantly honest in their dealings. The Realtor Code of Ethics forbids agents from participating in unethical behavior.

Rogue real estate agents have the tendency to give distorted information regarding their qualifications and work experience on their websites with the aim of driving more traffic to their sites. They buy ads and pay for commercial rights with the aim of attaining a high ranking on search engines.

Simply because a realty agent has a high ranking website online doesn’t mean that he is honest with the information he offers. Some sites are just full of lies. Below are examples of lies and distorted information realtor agents put up on their websites and how you can pinpoint the lies:

Real Estate Listings

Realtor agent websites display the agent’s listings. There are a select few who turn down listings, for example, exclusive buyer broker agents. Listings are an agent’s pillar that upholds the realtor’s experience. The absence of a listing could translate to them not having any experience in the field.

Some of the agents who lack listings misrepresent information by advertising listings belonging to other agents on their sites. It’s important for you to carefully scan through the listings to prove that the agent truly owns them. You can take further action by making phone calls to confirm the details. You may be shocked to realise that the details given are all misrepresented.

Realty Experience

If you find it hard to make a proper clarification of the total number of years the realty agent has been certified to sell property, then it could probably mean that the agent has little to no realty sales experience whatsoever.

The more the experience the agent has, the greater his mastery is of the market, with the ability to foretell potential market issues that are bound to take place and have the necessary preventive measures in place to prevent them from happening. The agent should be able to handle any kind of realty problem he is faced with owing to the vast experience they boast of having.

 If an agent cannot be able to handle complex realty issues yet he boasts of having this massive experience, rest assured you’re dealing with a liar. 

Verify The Agent’s Realty License

The Association of Real estate License Law Officials is a great site you can visit online to help you determine whether the agent is genuine or a scammer. Using the agent’s license number, you can discover whether the agent’s license has been suspended or if there are any filed complaints against the agent and whether the agent is in good standing with the state’s federal government.

Regardless of the information an agent offers on their website about their realty sales track record, verifying the agent’s license can either vindicate him as being genuine or expose him as a professional liar. Verifying an agent’s license can help pinpoint the lies he told.

Real Estate Field

Realty agents advertise to potential clients their field of specialization, whether it’s selling homes in luxurious neighborhoods, or marketing themselves as elite home experts by displaying top-notch houses on their sites, or acting as representatives for certain types of buyers. Others may market themselves as Federal Housing Administration consultants.

While some of the agents may be genuine when giving this information, some aren’t and are just professional liars. You may be shocked to realize that an agent hasn’t sold any luxurious home or closed any Federal Housing Administration transaction.

It’s also important to note that a single sale doesn’t qualify an agent to be ranked as a specialist. To prove whether an agent is who he says he is and has accomplished what he is relaying on their website, you can request for a copy of all closed sales all printed from MLS.

Conducting a bit of investigation can uncover a lot about the agent and help you determine whether the agent is honest or is just a scammer. Before you hire an agent, scan through their information to get real details about them.

Get The Agent’s Production Record Copy

You can request for this copy from the agent to print it out from the MLS or you can request another different agent to print it for you. If an agent markets himself as being a top producer, yet has sold only one house the whole year, he’s a liar. An Agent’s production record can reveal how many home sales the agent has made in an entire year, how much each home cost, and the location of each home.

You can also request for references. Testimonials listed by agents definitely have clients that were served by the agent previously. The agent should be able to provide you with their contacts which you can use to contact them and confirm if indeed the posted testimonial is true or a lie.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that looking at the agent’s face value in terms of their website ranking top and the information they’ve displayed online isn’t enough to simply make a decision to work with the agent. There’s more than meets the eye.

Working with a trustworthy agent matters if you are to get the home you’ve dreamt of if you are making a purchase or make a successful sale if you’re selling without incurring any losses whatsoever. Liars cannot be trusted. Be vigilant enough and let’s kick lying realty agents out of the real estate market.